Harry Stendhal

George Maciunas, Prefabricated Mass Building System
Digital Animation


Harry Stendhal serves as Founder and Chairman of the Fluxus Foundation, a role he has held since 2009. The foundation promotes the work and ideas of George Maciunas, an influential American Lithuanian artist and architect, best known as the founder and central organizer of Fluxus, an interdisciplinary art movement that gained prominence in the 1960s. Fluxus was a global collective of artists, musicians, and designers bound by their intermedia experimentalism and political engagement in the sixties. Critical to Fluxus’ DIY objective was a reconstruction of the arts from a context of consumer culture and passive reception to an active culture of engagement. Artists collectively viewed themselves as social catalysts carrying out communal projects that pioneered the exploration of artistic collaboration, ‘intermedia,’ sexual politics, and racial diversity. Fluxus influenced conceptual art, performance art, political art, mail art, minimalism, artists’ books, new music, and mass-produced art. Described as “an active philosophy of experience that sometimes only takes the form of art”, Fluxus thoughts and practices have played a pioneering role in frameworks such as multimedia, telecommunications, hypertext, industrial design, urban planning, architecture, publishing, philosophy, and management theory. John Cage, Yoko Ono, John Lennon, Nam June Paik, Joseph Beuys, and George Brecht are among the members who shared Maciunas’ vision. In his work with the foundation, Harry Stendhal curates scholarly exhibitions—such as Knowledge as Art: Chance, Computability, and Improving Education—that shed light on George Maciunas’s work, translating his ideas into agents of socio-cultural change.
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