Harry Stendhal Presents: Universal Structures – Fluxus Prefab System

Harry Stendhal Presents Universal Structures 01

The Fluxus Prefab System was invented by George Maciunas (1931-1978), the founder of Fluxus, in 1965. As an architect, Maciunas dedicated his life to constructing an optimized realistic solution to social and environmental needs of humanity, by providing a most efficient building system.

Harry Stendhal expanded Maciunas’ prefabricated invention into city scale with an understanding of organic process of need-based growth:

The universality of Fluxus Prefab System lies in its ability to form clusters, communities, and cities through reconfiguration and expansion of modules. This prefabricated modular system enables factory mass-production and customization with optimization of resources. It will become increasingly relevant and will thrive with revolutionary significance, given the emergence of technological innovations and the global awareness of sustainability. The Fluxus Prefab System is not a mere prefabricated prototype, but rather a Universal Structure guided by long-range perspectives. It values rational reflections on architectural design, the manufacturing process, and urban development as a whole.

Universal Structure also underlines the system’s potential applications in the context of current socioeconomic trends, which will be researched and developed in collaboration with a series of the latest technologies: sustainable building with plastics, three-dimensional printing (the future of manufacturing), Building Information Modeling, the smart city, a new system for Home Energy Storage, The Internet of Everything for Cities, among others. Universal Structure intends to reposition the revolutionary relevance of the Fluxus Prefab System in the context of today’s urban setting, arguing for an alternative of human habitat through a system of standardization, modularization, and mass-production—as an adaptive urban model where urban efficiency and social welfare play leading roles.


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